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Cancio On the Front Lines: Supporting Small Businesses

NORWALK - After many local residents voiced their disapproval, the Norwalk Planning Commission voted against a proposed automated car wash on Studebaker Road and Rosecrans Avenue during Wednesday’s meeting.

If the Red Mountain Group [RMG] earned the commission’s approval to build the SuperStar Carwash, the Norwalk True Value Hardware store, TNT Mexican Restaurant and Vic’s Barber Shop would be demolished and replaced with the automated facility.

During public comment residents argued that if the businesses were demolished, it would cost the employees their jobs.

Norwalk La Mirada Unified School District board member Dr. Robert Cancio argued that the car wash would have little return on investment.

“The residents of Norwalk support small businesses so for the planning commission I ask, do right for Norwalk,” Cancio said. “When you have a five to one ratio of businesses or one when you’re offering clear and concise multiple job opportunities for residents here, what is your return on investment?”

A majority of residents who spoke were also concerned over traffic, pollution and safety. The proposed development is directly behind a residential neighborhood, and is three blocks away from Corvallis Middle School and Norwalk High School.

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